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A Heritage Landmark in Kensington is Brought Back to Life

A Heritage Landmark in Kensington is Brought Back to Life.

Mollard Property Group are proud to have achieved a planning permit on this highly complex site for a 100-place childcare centre in Kensington, Victoria! The heritage commercial building, carriageway easement and car parking requirements posed challenges to our team, however the risks were mitigated through an in-depth analysis, fully considered planning and design. Mollard Property Group sourced the site based on a detailed childcare needs assessment, secured the tenant and completed the Development Management to successfully be granted a development approval. The site also benefits from the recent rezoning of Arden Macaulay Structure Plan. What was previously predominantly industrial zone will be renewed to transition into major employment and residential destination. This acquisition has not only achieved a prosperous development income via the childcare centre, but has substantial upside from the recent rezoning and a strong future development potential for the site. Mollard Property Group are specialists in achieving successful results from the most challenging development obstacles.