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Property investment solutions across social infrastructure. Significantly more profit and long-term income in a safe investment environment.

Build to Rent Investment Has Arrived in Australia

High-quality Build to Rent assets provide vastly improved income returns that are safe and secure. Find out how a $750,000 Investment will provide a $65,000 Net income p.a.

There is a better solution to create wealth in property than buying an existing residential or commercial property, or an apartment off the plan.
Imagine the extra investment benefit you could achieve, if you were at the front of the profit distribution line not at the end!

Build to Rent is a new era in property investment offering a better tax position and delivering vastly improved income returns that are safe and secure and takes away all the hassle of managing tenants, maintenance, agents fee etc.

To maximise income and capital growth in property is complex, a depth of knowledge and understanding comes through many years of real time experience, Mollard Property Group provide to you the benefit of this experience.

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Build to Rent is a fast-emerging sector as accommodation requirements have changed forever. Based on the acceleration of Build to Rent sector in the UK, this new, sustainable and exciting long-term opportunity will create an inspiring new wave in the Australian property market much like the inner-city apartment boom in the early 1990’s.

Mollard Property Group have an exclusive partnership with PRSim the market leader and largest BTR Company in the UK, with over 55 thousand homes under their management.

The UK is significantly more advanced than Australia within the Private Rented Sector. The PRSim team are highly experienced and bring their advanced knowledge, and success in the Build to Rent sector to the Australian market, providing a competitive advantage.

The Financial Table

The financial table below demonstrates how an investment of $750,000 in a Build to Rent development will grow more effectively and significantly increase income over a traditional style property investment.

Creating a greater return is about utilising the right product and investment structure to maximise your return safely.

Upcoming Social Infrastructure Investment Opportunities

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