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Our team’s diverse professional knowledge in social infrastructure produces substantial dividends.


Build to Rent developments, can be interpreted literally as homes that are built for rent, instead of built for sale.

The Build to Rent concept is well-established in the UK and US, offering a more secured rental experience with a wide range of lifestyle options. This exciting new form of housing solution is emerging in Australia and it is shifting away from the traditional idea of home ownership. With one-third of Australians currently renting their homes, the Australian dream is now less about possession and more about lifestyle and convenience.

Australian population will reach 28 million by 2027, growing by one person every 1 minute 15 seconds. Build to Rent may just be the right solution to address this substantial upcoming demand for housing.

There is certainly a need for government investment in Build to Rent developments, however, we believe that Build to Rent has the merits to be viable in its own right, without relying on government incentives.

Our Experience

Our connection with the leading Build to Rent consultant in the UK allows us to learn from the expert who is ahead of the game. Our team studied the UK market and learnt the fundamentals of this new and emerging development. We apply our UK knowledge to the Australian market, while tailoring it to Australians’ lifestyle and needs.

We understand that Build to Rent projects are all about residents and their lifestyle. Our analytics team is highly experienced in analysing property data and demographics, we use our data to determine tenant mix, product types and amenities, ensuring our Build to Rent products are tailored to the target area.

Our Architect has extensive experience in master planning and designing residential projects, including master plan communities, student accommodation and apartment buildings.

For Institutional Investors

Build to Rent assets are a completely new product class in Australia.

Compared to other asset classes, Build to Rent assets provide a more steady and secured income stream to investors. The lack of an anchor tenant means that risks are diversified to multiple tenancies, ensuring a steady cash flow over a long period of time. This asset class is suitable for institutional investors such as superannuation funds and pension funds which require stability and consistency in return.

We take care of our Client’s projects with a range of services, from Site Acquisition, Property and Demographics Analytics, Specialist Design, Financial Analysis and Development Management.

Learning from the UK market, we understand that the mix of tenants, amenities provided, and achievable rental are all vital to the project.

Combining our knowledge in the Build to Rent market with our extensive experience in property development, we can ensure your financial objectives are met in this emerging Build to Rent market.