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Builders, Now is Your Time to Develop Childcare Centres

Now is the time in Australia’s childcare sector to capitalise on your building experience and stake your claim in Australia’s fastest-growing, commercial real estate investment class.

✅ Offering strong financial security and greatly subsidised by the Government, Australia’s childcare sector is experiencing unprecedented demand.

✅ Mollard Property Group services reduce your development risk by getting the tenant upfront, the design & specification and due diligence concluded and secured… all prior to committing to a cost of development.

If you’ve ever considered taking the bold but natural step in your building business, then read Mollard Property Group’s “How To Transition from Builder to Developer” guide, explaining just how easy and lucrative it is to be the Developer, and reap the rewards you deserve from your career.

It’s not as hard as you think, and if you’ve ever pictured yourself as a Developer, then click here  if you would like to learn more about the financial security of investing in the childcare sector and partnering with MPG.

Give Mollard Property Group a call – we have reliable national childcare tenants! We’ll walk alongside you through site selection, securing a tenant, council regulation, due diligence, town planning and centre design.