Confidential Property Negotiation | Mollard Property Group
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A one-stop property development solution.


Mollard Property Group are specialists in property negotiation and can act on behalf of our Clients to successfully secure a specific property that is being targeted. We set strategic plans to approach a property, while allowing our Clients to remain anonymous throughout the process.

What do we do?

Mollard Property Group work on behalf of our Clients to negotiate the purchase of a property that has been identified by the Client.

How do we do it?
We work with our Clients to ascertain their preferred acquisition terms. Once we understand our Clients parametres, we then complete an assessment of the necessary title and property information, as well as the Vendor’s profile, property history and comparable sales in order to develop the most suitable strategic approach.
We provide our Clients with realistic price targets and terms based on the property assessment, which allows for a clear strategy to be implemented.
After consultation with the Client, we negotiate all terms of the contract of sale.

We do not want our Clients missing out on their desired property as a result of inexperience, incorrect market information or assumptions.

The experience, market knowledge, specialist negotiation skills and diligent research Mollard Property Group provide will ensure property opportunities are captured, with the successful acquisition of our Client’s targeted property.