DECEMBER 2018 | Mollard Property Group
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Timeless Facades, Modular Design, Combined with Energy Efficiency Expertise.

Property Development design is about balancing beauty and cost, as well as being practical for its commercial usage. The building design below is aiming at achieving a 6-star energy rating and will include the latest in smart building technology. The building is designed to maximise returns for Build to Rent applications. Mollard Property Group’s new inhouse Architect gives our clients the opportunity to maximise their incomes through clever modular construction concepts that provide an attractive streetscape appeal, whilst ensuring maintenance and running costs are kept to a minimum. Below is a live concept model, which upon completion, will result in a beautiful sustainable living design. This is very important not just for long term occupant health and longevity, but also for the landlords as it will have a significant benefit in regards to reducing holding costs.