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Developers, Builders, Property Investors, We Can Be Of Great Value To You

Like never before both political parties support more stimulus to encourage growth in the childcare sector seen as a vital tool in growing our GDP.

At Mollard Property Group we know all about childcare development – the who, what, where and how


We know operators who want to lease them,

We know what centre designs are cost-effective and compliant,

We know where the operators want to be located,

We know how much rental operators will pay in each location.


There is a strong demand for quality income-producing assets in the childcare sector.

✔️ Government expenditure on childcare fees assistance is expected to rise by 32.7% over the next three years to $9.5 billion in 2022.
✔️ The NSW government has introduced a new star rating system to childcare centres from 1st January 2020 and has already committed $11 million to help improve childcare centres lagging in their ratings.


Proudly, we have 100% success in development approvals across Australia on all sites we have put forward.

Chat to us about your next (or first) childcare development!

We represent highly experienced operators who want turnkey projects developed for them in Melbourne, Sydney and South East Queensland.