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Development insight and in-depth local knowledge ensures accurate forecasting.


Mollard Property Group is a team of forward-thinking and highly-skilled professionals who share a passion for property. Our strong values and beliefs are deeply rooted within our company and are reflected in our daily actions and results. We cater to a diverse range of clients including private investors and fund management groups, social enterprises and small businesses.
Our property and development practices are unique in terms of our in-depth expertise and collective experience, having represented clients in numerous property and development projects around Australia for over 40 years.
We not only find the right properties, but we conduct the most comprehensive site suitability analysis report, partner investors with tenants, complete all planning and design, maximise site value and detail a construction assessment, all prior to an acquisition commitment.
Mollard Property Group is proud of 6 Years of Childcare Development experience, 27+ projects and a 100% success rate on Childcare Development approvals.

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