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Our team’s diverse professional knowledge in social infrastructure produces substantial dividends.


The number of Australians aged 65+ years is growing rapidly, overtaking the number of children aged 0 to 17 years. The latest census information revealed that in 2014-15 almost all people aged 65+ years (96.2%) had consulted a health professional.

Health expenditure in Australia is driven by growth in population and the increase in the proportion of older people with increased health care needs and accelerated growth for health facilities.

Private hospitals, medical centres and a wide range of allied health professionals’ premises all fall within economically high-performing healthcare sector in Australia. A one-stop purpose built medical centre facility with at least 12 medical staff, including general practitioners, specialist doctors, allied health and in-demand services – is a whole new team-based healthcare business model.

Like every other industry it is all about convenience. Mollard Property Group are specialists in site acquisitions across Australia and in-depth analysis of supply and demand for current and new medical service facilities, as well as demographics, suburb profile and data analytics. We conduct a comprehensive site analysis report to investors, medical groups and medical practitioners. Whether it is about starting the practice, or buying into an existing one, we offer site sourcing services after understanding our Clients’ location mandate. The supply and demand projections are only the first steps of the process in determining site’s suitability for health and medical use