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A one-stop property development solution.


At Mollard Property Group, we understand that a right investment decision requires the right property, in the right location at the right price. For every property considered, we conduct a detailed investment analysis tailored to our Clients’ need.

Combining our extensive experience in financial planning and property development, we make the financial decision simple for our Clients

What do we do?

Our comprehensive feasibility studies ensure our Clients are presented with the best investment option.

We provide financial analysis and market evidence to Clients, tailored to their objectives and mandate criteria.

We provide detailed income and expense estimations including construction and development costs, sales and rental income

We identify and balance the risk and return of every investment to optimise the financial performance of a property.

For Vendors:

We conduct a thorough due diligence for our Client’s property and provide a development proposal (including concept design and detailed financial analysis) based on their objectives.

We consider all potential social infrastructure uses for their property, making sure the site potential is maximized with the highest and best use.

For Buyers:

We work with our Clients to understand their financial parameters and terms necessary in order to develop and recommend a strategy for their acquisition.

Our comprehensive market research ensures that we target the appropriate property within their financial budget.

How do we do it?

We stay on top of the property market and consider the effect of the latest federal, state and local government regulations, market trends and social impacts.

We provide full supporting evidence such as market sales & lease evidence and upcoming development data from reputable industry databases.

Our substantial network with development and building companies enables us to obtain and compare current cost estimations, while taking into account cost-efficient construction materials such as innovative lightweight solutions.


Our extensive financial analysis and due diligence allows Clients to make an informed decision of their investment in the property industry, whether it is a property acquisition, development, refurbishment or leasing, prior to committing to a property.

By providing evidence-based development and investment analysis, our Clients are aware of the current market environment and every facet of the project (such as environmental and heritage considerations), and they are able to decrease risk and maximise return.