JUNE 2018 | Mollard Property Group
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JUNE 2018

25 Years On!

Victoria Albert Town Residence (VATR) was and still is a substantial high-quality residential development.┬áThis landmark site not only remains tightly held but is as attractive today, as the day it was built. Unlike most residential developments that were built around the same period in 1990’s, it has certainly stood the test of time. The historic buildings of Victoria Brewery (1882) were retained and restored, and complemented by brand new townhouses, apartments and penthouses. Phil Mollard was a joint venture partner and the pioneer behind this outstanding project, which was the first at the time with no 1-bedroom apartments and a large proportion of 3- and 4-bedroom apartments, with quality communal areas on-site. The Victoria Albert fits well in East Melbourne, deemed the most liveable suburb in the world’s most liveable city.