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We listen. We research. We deliver quality outcomes.


Mollard Property Group is a boutique company, specialising in property selection and development consultancy services. We are passionate about what we do and our dedicated team brings a collective of highly talented individuals, pulling together the success of a diverse range of projects within budget and on time. Mollard Property Group has experience in small and large-scale developments in all sectors of property development from residential and commercial to social infrastructure. We are renowned for efficient, result-driven accomplishments and consider ourselves to be leaders in the property industry and are recognised for creating great opportunities. We have strong, long-term relationships with agents, consultants and other property industry experts. Mollard Property Group is a proud member of:

  • Australian Childcare Alliance of Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales
  • Real Estate Institute of Victoria


Phil Mollard
Managing Director

Phil is the driving force behind Mollard Property Group with over 40 years combined experience in property investment, property development and financial services. Phil tirelessly draws upon his innate and astute industry knowledge, he is motivated by successful results for our Clients and has a strong track record in delivering same. Phil has personally developed and currently consults on major projects ranging from residential towers, commercial and industrial conversions to heritage re-development.

Phil has an incredible eye for analysing unique sites and is highly passionate about creating quality developments, his vision inspires the team at Mollard Property Group to bring extraordinary success to each and every project.
Wendy Mollard
General Manager

Wendy oversees the management of the team and administration of the business. Her success in this role comes from an extensive background in all facets of property acquisition and development, including property search, development management, interior design coordination, project management, property marketing and co-ordinating sales campaigns.

Cordelia Maxwell-Williams
Development and Project Manager

As an experienced property development and project management professional, Cordelia has a proven track record in managing property developments from their early concept and planning stages; feasibility and construction; through to subdivision, delivery and project settlement. With exposure to commercial & retail projects, high rise residential, precinct redevelopments, land subdivision and heritage conversions, along with her experience in real estate sales and leasing, she has gained substantial industry experience and skills in managing client relationships and client expectations. Graduating with second-class honours, she has a Bachelor of Property Economics from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). A strong work ethic has been invaluable in her career and in building client relationships.

Judith Zee
Design and Structural Consultant

Judith is our design and structural consultant; Judith brings over 25 years of building industry experience. Over this time she gained a wide scope of specialist knowledge working with major architectural and engineering firms on several significant and diverse projects. Her architectural design skills are well documented. What makes Judith stand out is that she also consulted for several years for a leading housing company – this fiercely competitive industry honed her ability to maximise design and structural practicality – a rare combination.

Anna Shalima
Creative Communications Manager

Anna has many years of experience in corporate design and printing, her extensive qualifications include a Bachelor Degree in Exhibitions and Advertising Design. As our Creative Communications Manager,  Anna is responsible for creating, implementing and managing a significant range of communication strategies in accordance with our high standard of corporate goals, she truly recognizes the high-quality design components that are vital to any business seeking to stand out from their competition. Anna is passionate and thrives on creating company profiles and presentations with a sharp image that significantly aid in the success of securing long-term business opportunities.

Emma Mardaine
Creative Director

Emma has over 20 years in the design industry and is a specialist in corporate branding and publishing. As our Creative Director, Emma is responsible for creating all our digital and printed material and managing our communication strategies and marketing, she delivers high-quality design components with a focus on helping childcare operators grow their business. Emma is a passionate and creative designer with an excellent eye for detail, a sound knowledge of the importance of dynamic brand direction and the power of emotive communication.

Beverley Chow
Land Economist

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Environments – Property Major, Beverley has used her comprehensive understanding of property development, market research and Financial analysis to conduct high level due diligence research and financial modelling for our potential development options. She has strong property research skills, including planning considerations and with her attention to detail, ensures a comprehensive analysis on each development project she works on.

Elena Subbotina
Senior Property Analyst

Elena is an experienced Property Research Analyst with expertise in the analysis of the property markets across Australia for corporate and real estate developer clients.

Her strong research skills, interpretation and attention to detail reflect in her ability to deliver insightful research and analysis. She is proactive, with project and time management skills that ensure results to meet any deadline.

Chelsea McLachlan
Social Media Manager

Chelsea holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, majoring in marketing and a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media, majoring in Graphic Design. She made a stead-fast entrance into the design industry working with an array of domestic and international brands.

Chelsea is passionate about marketing, graphic and digital design, she thrives in all aspects of social media and digital production.

Phil Mollard Managing Director
Wendy Mollard General Manager
Cordelia Maxwell-Williams Development and Project Manager
Judith Zee Design and Structural Consultant
Anna Shalima Creative Communications Manager
Emma Mardaine Creative Director
Beverley Chow Land Economist
Elena Subbotina Senior Property Analyst
Chelsea McLachlan Social Media Manager