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Securing national tenants prior to property commitment is key to success.


Mollard Property Group are renowned for creating and securing specialist lease opportunities for our Clients.

We bridge the gap between Tenants and Landlords by successfully managing each step of the leasing and development process. We are involved in lease negotiations (such as rent reviews, rent incentives, lease commencement date, lease term and options etc) to ensure all parties are secure.

We are specialists in sourcing unique sites for a variety of uses, whether it be the conversion of an existing building or a brand-new building. We take pride in providing our Clients lease opportunities in the right location suited to their business growth and financial requirements.

What do we do?

We work with our Clients to establish their leasing mandates and objectives. Once established, our Team can focus on sourcing sites that we know are within our Client’s leasing criteria.

Depending on our Client’s preference, we can offer any of the following lease structures:

  • Typical Lease
  • Turn-key Lease
  • Ground Lease

Once a site has been identified, we provide our Clients with a comprehensive Discussion Paper outlining the full lease opportunity. Our Discussion Papers are highly comprehensive and include key decision-making information such as: location analysis, leasing terms, competition analysis, demographic analysis, proposed development opportunity and financial feasibility (expense and income schedules).

Where required, Mollard Property Group have a number of experienced Developer and Investor Clients who are willing and able to undertake a development. We are able to create this partnership as early as site identification, as we believe it is essential for Tenants to be involved in the project’s early stages to ensure it is completed in accordance with the Tenants unique operational, design and functional requirements.

How do we do it?

We focus on our Client’s leasing mandates and objectives, to ensure we secure opportunities in appropriate and/or demand-driven locations.

Identifying suitable sites requires a multifaceted approach from our Team, including extracting information from our extensive database, drive-by’s, electronic search, ownership investigations and the utilisation of our strong long-standing relationships with agents, consultants and other industry experts.

Our in-depth local knowledge combined with our Research and Analytics Team allows us to uncover opportunities and fully analyse them to ensure our Client’s mandate and objectives are being met.


We allow our Clients to focus on the operation of their business, while we provide unique and competitively-located lease opportunities to allow our Client’s business to successfully grow.

We analyse a lease opportunity against key location, demographics, competition and financial criteria, as well as manage the key lease negotiations. We present our Clients with highly considered reports that demonstrate what can be achieved in an existing building, or within a newly developed building. Mollard Property Group are renowned for recognising and creating great opportunities that competitors may dismiss.