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There Couldn’t be a Better Time to Develop a Childcare Centre

Looking for a safe high-quality development project with substantial risk mitigation? If so, read on.

If you ever needed confirmation of security & confidence in a sector, then look no further than Child Care. Child Care is a standout sector because it survived COVID-19 in great shape, according to Dan Tehan’s interview, with a massive 99% remaining in the business, and today occupancy at childcare centres is back up.


The childcare sector provides real security. Why?
After Government subsidies childcare services only cost from $2.00 to $5.00 per hour for the majority of parents. This will ensure the sector will continue to grow.


Consider the facts
During COVID-19 Child Care received strong and unwavering government support.


It is an important service to parents
Extensive research confirms that children who attend early learning education are more advanced academically, illustrating the importance of early learning within society. Nothing is more important to a parent than the wellbeing of their children. They will pay for the best education in a safe nurturing environment.


Desperate need
There is a desperate need for quality, purpose-designed and built childcare facilities throughout Australia. Many Developers are trying and failing at childcare development due to lack of industry knowledge, speculation and generalisation of the sector and its unique Operators.


Risk mitigation
Our services reduce your development risk by getting the tenant, the design & specification and due diligence concluded and secured… all prior to committing to a property acquisition.


The good news
To achieve successful childcare development outcomes contact us now. We can find you the right site, find you the right tenant and design it correctly based on planning and licensing requirements, and deliver you that valuable development approval.

Benefit from our 6 years of experience and a 100% success rate on childcare development approvals.