Development Management Town Planning | Mollard Property Group
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A one-stop property development solution.


Our philosophy is “to put our money where our mouth is”, as our fees are based on triggers successfully achieved throughout the development application and approval process.

We strive to achieve the outcomes and objectives that were established within the Property Acquisition and/or Property Leasing stages. Quality Due Diligence is essential to setting project objectives, and it is our role as Development Manager to ensure they are achieved in practise when obtaining the town planning & development approvals.

What do we do?

For any proposed use, Mollard Property Group diligently manage a project from concept stage through to obtaining town planning and development approvals. We recognise that targets and parametres set at the beginning of a project are critical to its success, and our Development Management Team deliver in accordance with our Client’s project objectives.

Our experience dealing with different Councils and different regulations across a multitude of projects gives our Team the ability to work practically through any challenges and maximise any opportunities.


Our Development Management Services are in-depth, and include considerations for construction and buildability, operator and/or tenant requirements, meetings and negotiations with Council, management of public advertising and management of consultants.

We pride ourselves on accurate and frequent reporting and always maintain open lines of communication.

How do we do it?

The key to a timely and successful development approval relies on the management of the consultant team; such as Architect / Designer, Town Planner, Traffic Engineer, Acoustic Engineer, Sustainability Engineer, Landscape Designer, Waste Engineer, Environmental Consultants, Heritage Consultants etc.

Mollard Property Group value the strong relationships we have made with quality expert consultants across multiple fields, which allows us to build a project consultant team that is best suited for the project at hand.


Through our experience and diligent management, we achieve timely town planning and development approvals for our Clients, in accordance with project and financial objectives.