Childcare Development Management

Our Specialised Childcare Development Management Services encompass a comprehensive range of tasks, from pre-site acquisitions and thorough due diligence – including meticulous financial feasibility analysis – to design and design management, town planning, securing development approvals, and finalising council-endorsed drawings. With our Development Management Service, you gain the assurance of knowing your project’s outcome before making any commitments.

Drawing from eleven years of expertise in childcare design and planning applications, we take pride in our impeccable track record, achieving a 100% success rate in obtaining approvals for our last 40 projects, with only two tribunal appearances – both of which we successfully managed.

Navigating diverse council regulations across various projects, our seasoned team excels in overcoming challenges and obtaining opportunities. We prioritise transparent and frequent reporting, ensuring seamless communication throughout the process.

The cornerstone of swift and successful childcare development approvals lies in assembling a highly skilled consultant team. For nearly a decade, we’ve collaborated with a consistent team of experts, resulting in unparalleled success. Our team comprises of: Architects/Designers, Town Planners, Traffic Engineers, Acoustic Engineers, Sustainability Engineers, Landscape Designers, Waste Engineers, Environmental Consultants, and Heritage Consultants.

Every centre is different, with different operators having different requirements due to unique curriculum specialities and combine this with strict licencing requirements, centre design needs to be well considered from the outset. By utilising our extensive experience, we ensure you get it right the first time!

Take a look at the town planning, permit, and development approval process:


Application Preparation


Pre-Application Meeting


Lodge Comprehensive Application


Post-Lodgement Management


Town Planning Permit

We recognise that targets and parameters set at the beginning of a project are critical to its success. Our development management team provides an in-depth service on even the most complex projects to keep them on schedule and on budget.

  • Construction and buildability
  • Operator and/or tenant requirements
  • Meetings and negotiations with the council
  • Management of public advertising
  • Management of consultants

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