Childcare Centre Design & Design Management

In today’s competitive market, a new childcare centre must stand out, be safe and be immediately inviting. They need to be fun, dynamic, and fully compliant with functional spaces in order to maximize occupancy rates and daily fees, and in turn, rental income.

At Mollard Property Group, we are committed to achieving successful client development outcomes. We understand the critical balance between design and construction costs and are experts in balancing the needs of the developer, proprietor, operator, council, parent, carer and, most importantly the child.

We assist in creating and maximising the success of your centre design with an efficient, compliant floor plan and architectural excellence in a standout design.

Our centre design and design management services oversee the design requirements for the full development cycle from the initial feasibility concept design to managing the success of town planning and service approval compliance, including:

  • Feasibility Concept Design
  • Façade Design
  • Town Planning Application Drawings
  • Construction Drawings
  • Building Application Drawings

Does your façade stand out from the competition?

Childcare Centre Façade Makeover

First impressions count when it comes to your early learning façade, and a poor façade can
significantly impact a parent’s decision-making process to enrol. Does your centre look and feel safe,
well managed, nurturing and enriching? It’s never been more important to have a façade that not
only impresses at first glance but also encapsulates the core values of your centre.

A simple façade makeover is a real opportunity for your centre to stand out from the competition.

Mollard Property Group can provide an extensive review of your current façade and centre signage,
ensuring a cost-effective, clever centre façade makeover that meets the planning and early learning
centre regulations that will not require you to close your centre or affect the day-to-day operation.
The childcare industry has complex regulations that our skilful team can navigate from start to finish,
including development approvals and meeting your unique design requirements. This gives you a real
opportunity to stand out in a cost effective and creative way.

If you don’t own the building – no problem. Our façade designs can be installed without changing the
current building or we suggest a well-designed fence on the perimeter of the car park that can
incorporate your brand signage. Read more about the 7 benefits that a new façade can bring to your centre.

Childcare Centre Interior Design & Specifications

We integrate sustainable design and contemporary tactile materials to produce exceptional outcomes that deliver a point of difference in the marketplace.

Whether you are building a new centre or renovating an existing centre, our childcare interior design and specifications services offer childcare centre operators a unique opportunity to create or reinvigorate their centre with clever, exciting and high-quality interior design concepts.

We can agree that childcare centres are not ordinary commercial buildings and must have these design considerations:

  • Always ensuring the safety of children
  • Making certain that all outside and inside areas are safe and secure
  • Promoting a happy and healthy environment for children
  • Create a stimulating learning environment
  • Provide age-appropriate activities that encourage creativity
  • Provide physical stimulation to support motor skills and muscle development

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