Childcare Operational Consultancy

We can assist you in unlocking operational excellence: boost profits, elevate ratings, and minimise staff turnover – without compromising quality.

At Mollard Property Group, we provide dedicated consultancy to pioneering excellence in childcare and early learning centre property development and operations. With decades of hands-on experience, we recognise the distinct needs of the childcare business.

In the realm of childcare services today, Approved Providers are grappling with an array of financial challenges that threaten the sustainability of their organisations. Among these dedicated individuals and organisations, there is a common struggle with labour costs, ineffective leadership, high staff turnover, and the need to increase revenue without compromising service quality. Let us assist you in improving your operations.

Childcare consultancy service covers:

  • Regulation, Law and Enforcement
  • Safety and Risk Mitigation
  • Playground Safety
  • Compliance
  • Staff Management
  • Parent Complaints and Concerns
  • CSS Software Set Up & Training
  • Key demand drivers for childcare
  • Occupancy and Business Analysis
  • Assessment and Rating
  • Brand Strategy and Marketing
  • Government Policies
  • Financial Viability

Our team of experts provides a collaborative approach to review and analyse every aspect of the multifaceted operations of early childhood centres.

The successful operation of your early learning centre is paramount to the financial reward and stability your business can offer stakeholders. Let us guide you to the next level of success with exceptional childcare consultancy and support. Our team provides operational analysis, through to results-driven, simple, and effective improvements you can implement. Whether you are a new centre striving for a larger piece of the market or an existing centre that requires immediate enhancement, we can help improve your operation.

Operational Services

Sale Readiness

Financial Assessment

Roster Analysis

Staff Turnover Analysis

Compliance & Quality Audit

Customer Journey Strategy

Occupancy Maximisation

Leadership Development

Childcare Centre Establishment

Our team of experts is standing by to improve your childcare business today. Download our brochure for more information on our operational services or take a look at some of our free resources below.

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Ready-made resources made by the Operations experts at Mollard Property Group are below to support your childcare centre. These are created by early childhood professionals who know the industry in an easy-to-use template to benefit your team and operations.

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