Property Acquisition | Mollard Property Group
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Secure tenants, complete extensive due diligence assessments and detailed financial feasibility prior to property commitment.


Mollard Property Group are renowned for sourcing and securing unique sites for our Clients.

Our prime objective in a property acquisition is to uncover elusive assets in the right location that achieves our Client’s financial objectives; and we take great pride in getting this right.

What do we do?

We work with our Clients to establish their acquisition mandates and objectives. Once established, our Team can focus on sourcing sites that we know are within our Client’s acquisition criteria.

Once a site has been identified, we provide our Clients with a comprehensive Discussion Paper outlining the full acquisition opportunity. Our Discussion Papers are highly comprehensive and include key decision-making information such as: location analysis, acquisition terms, town planning summary, demographic analysis and forecasting, proposed development opportunity (including area summary, NFA and GFA), construction cost estimate, financial feasibility (expense and income schedules) and title information.

Mollard Property Group negotiate terms and secure sites on behalf of our Clients.

Our experienced Team has the expertise to assist with the Due Diligence to ensure the venture is de-risked prior to committing to the property. Whether it be securing a Tenant, Architectural concept plans, pre-application meetings with council, construction cost estimates, expert consultant advice or more.

We are dedicated to working with our Clients right through to the unconditional contract, and beyond.

How do we do it?

Identifying suitable sites requires a multifaceted approach from our Development Acquisition Team, including extracting information from our extensive database, drive-by’s, electronic search, ownership investigations and the utilisation of our strong long-standing relationships with agents, consultants and other industry experts.

Our in-depth local knowledge combined with our Research and Analytics Team allows us to uncover quality sites and fully analyse the immediate and future development potential, all while ensuring our Client’s mandate and objectives are being met to maximise the site.


Our Property Acquisition Services go well beyond site identification.

We do not present an opportunity to our Clients until it is fully considered. We analyse a site and its potential against location, town planning, demographics and financial criteria. And critically, we manage the negotiations with the Vendor to ensure the site can be successfully secured.