Childcare Centre Development

Childcare and early learning centre development is a highly regulated and specialist field, requiring experienced management across all facets of the project; from concept design, town planning, through to construction.

Our team is highly experienced, having successfully achieved many childcare town planning permits and managing the construction process, whilst ensuring the project is delivered on time and on budget.

We understand securing a high-quality tenant prior to property commitment is the key to success. Every site is unique, requiring an in-depth analysis of its suitability for development including considered planning and design.

Our childcare centre development team provides childcare development services and offers a one stop solution, from selecting the right location, understanding the competition (existing and upcoming centres), traffic and childcare centre access, catchment area identification, demographics analysis and a detailed assessment of Town Planning risks and construction costs.

Moreover, we determine if a site is suitable for childcare development and our analysis leads to the strategic childcare centre design, balancing the childcare operator’s business requirements and community needs.

We go to great lengths to ensure our childcare centre developments meet the strictest criteria providing extensive due diligence assessments and financial feasibilities.

What is childcare property development?

Childcare development is a carefully regulated and specialised field within the property industry, dedicated to creating purpose-built facilities for young children. It involves the process of buying, improving and selling buildings and land.

This intricate project has many facets from site acquisition to concept design, town planning to construction, and more. You will want to consider a childcare centre development consultant (like us) to navigate the entire process and mitigate your risk.

How can you get involved in childcare development?

  • You already own a property that has the potential to be developed as a childcare centre.
  • You are considering buying a site and developing a centre. You’ll need cash or other equity to use as security starting from approximately $1.2 million.

How can we help you?

Our team excels in securing childcare town planning permits and expertly managing projects to deliver on time and within budget. We are there to help every step of the way.

We understand why developers can fail in childcare centre development, here are 11 reasons why

  1. Failure to understand the childcare sector supply and demand
  2. Apply residential knowledge to the childcare sector incorrectly
  3. Do not know how to determine if a site is suitable for a childcare centre
  4. Under estimating construction costs
  5. Engaging an architect to design a generic and expensive childcare centre
  6. Failure to understand the operators’ unique design and operational requirements
  7. Unable to determine a realistic rental level
  8. Apply typical commercial lease terms, not customised to the business requirements of a childcare sector
  9. Getting a planning permit before securing a tenant
  10. Purchasing a property before securing a tenant
  11. Maximising the number of children that will fit on a site, with no regard to local competition or supply and demand

We want to see you succeed so speak to an industry expert (like us!)

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