Designed to be the centre of attention

Designed to be the centre of attention
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Designed to be the centre of attention

The importance of architectural excellence combined with practical and efficient financial outcomes cannot be overstated

With a decade of experience and a track record of excellence across the early education sector in the design and development of early learning centres we truly recognise the importance of architectural excellence to deliver high quality, innovative and elegant design solutions. We design early learning centres to ensure practical and functional use of every space, cost efficiently and creatively to maximise learning potential and in-turn centre revenue.

Our design goal is to craft efficient, sustainable spaces that foster safety for children and inspire teachers. We prioritise innovation to minimise risk and stay within budget, valuing every square meter of built form – whilst ensuring that costs are at the forefront of our creative thinking.

Designing for early learning education purposes is complex. Failure to understand planning and compliance regulations can significantly affect the licensed capacity of a centre, ultimately impacting profitability. Working with architects and designers experienced in early learning centre design is crucial for upholding the integrity of the design concept.

Our Centre Design and Design Management services oversee the design requirements for the full development cycle. Our Architects produce detailed design drawings with a strong understanding of licencing and council planning requirements. Our depth of knowledge in childcare centre design improves time for all approvals required. We ensure that all of our architectural plans are both technically sound and cost-effective to build.

We think outside the box to create exceptional innovative spaces, putting care and consideration into every early learning centre design.

All our centre designs feature:

  • Natural light, shading and ventilation
  • Considered acoustic treatment
  • Understanding of national regulations, placement licensing and compliance
  • Balancing child, educator and provider needs
  • Efficient design to maximise activity room and outdoor spaces
  • Provide secure and safe environments for children and their educators.

We pride ourselves in creating genuinely different and exceptional centre designs, ensuring that each centre possesses its own unique identity. Contact us to start your centre design journey.

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