Investing in childcare is a wise financial move!

investing in childcare
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Investing in childcare is a wise financial move!

Find out about our comprehensive development consultancy services package, all-inclusive price of 3.95% of the completed market value of the project.

Mollard Property Group bridge the gap for investors looking to invest with safety, improved profitability and increased reliable long term income through the childcare sector.

Australia’s childcare sector has experienced a steady rise in investor popularity over the past eight years. The asset class is now mirroring the evolution of healthcare real estate and being considered as more of a mainstream rather than an alternative asset class.

The early learning sector today is a compelling investment opportunity, with its combination of financial stability, government support, and societal impact, this sector is poised for continued growth and innovation. For investors looking to make a difference while earning a solid return, the childcare sector is an excellent choice.

Through Mollard Property Group’s specialist expertise, investors are offered a unique opportunity to capitalise on a high-demand sector poised for continued growth. By participating in high-quality childcare asset development projects under careful supervision with Australia’s leading childcare centre development consultants, investors can benefit from secure, long-term investment stability and significant revenue with reliable returns.

Comprehensive development consultancy services package

Having spent a decade exclusively designing and developing childcare centres, we have  established many efficiencies through our service offerings. As our business has evolved, so have the products and services we offer. The principal purpose of property development is to achieve a positive profitable outcome with safety in mind. In this highly competitive space, profits have become more elusive. Thus, MPG have been working on how we can assist our investors and developer clients achieve better and more profitable outcomes, safely and more cost effectively.

We have produced what we believe to be the most professional suite of services offered by a Development Consultancy in Australia, with a de-risking set of vital services that ensure success for a childcare development project. We realised that by bundling these important services together as a package we could significantly streamline our fees, which would benefit both our clients and our company to produce a genuine win-win position.

The package includes:

Investing in a childcare centre asset is akin to other highly desirable investment sectors; they become highly competitive as mainstream begins to understand the business, benefits, and opportunities provided. Therefore, working with a specialist early learning development consultancy such as Mollard Property Group in the research, acquisition, design, and development of this unique asset class is simply common sense, providing a clear path to successful outcomes.

Build the tomorrow you want with Mollard Property Group! Contact us to view our complete childcare investment brochure.

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