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We are first and foremost property development consultants providing our clients efficiencies that only time and expertise in this industry can achieve. The Mollard Property Group are dedicated to the development of attractive, safe and efficient early learning centres throughout Australia.

We offer extensive experience specialising in childcare centre development. Our projects have significantly reduced risk profiles and quicker time frames, resulting in more profitable outcomes. We truly understand the business of childcare, how to identify and where to locate property that is most suitable for this sector. We provide efficient and attractive designs, an impeccable success rate in planning and permit approvals and most importantly how to build a childcare centre cost-effectively.

From idea conception to project completion – we do it all!

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Strategic Property Acquisitions & Analytics

Our Property Acquisition Services go well beyond site identification. Dedicated from initial search and detailed due diligence to negotiation.Read More »

Site Suitability Analysis

The location of a childcare centre is critical to its success and determining if a site is suitable for childcare use is extremely complex.Read More »

Childcare Needs Assessment Modelling and Financial Feasibility Study

Essential assessment of a site and development parameters to uncover any potential issues with planning and licensing prior to commitment, avoiding mistakes and delays.Read More »

Property Leasing

Managing each step of the leasing and development process for both Tenant and Landlord. We advise and facilitate lease negotiations to ensure all parties are secure.Read More »

Childcare Centre Design & Management

The right location combined with innovative design excellence is becoming increasingly important in childcare centre development.Read More »

Development Management

A complete Development Management service to achieve successful town planning and approvals, on schedule and in accordance with your objectives.Read More »

Project Administration

Our team’s expertise ensures that construction projects are completed efficiently, safely and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.Read More »

Operational Consultancy

We can assist you in unlocking operational excellence: boost profits, elevate ratings, and minimise staff turnover – without compromising quality.Read More »

Brand Design & Marketing

Showcase your centre’s vision effectively. We offer graphic design, branding, style guides and marketing collateral for early learning centres.Read More »

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