Unlocking the value of expert site selection in property development

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Unlocking the value of expert site selection in property development

Real estate development is complex. When embarking on a development project, the importance of teaming up with a site selection specialist is the key to success. The benefit of partnering with specialists in sourcing the right site based on its intended use is essential to minimise risks and achieve a successful and profitable development and especially if you are considering a childcare centre.

Five reasons you should invest in an expert:

  1. Streamlined Planning Approvals: Sourcing the right site needs expertise in understanding what council needs to support a childcare application and the specific planning requirements for the right development project based on the locations parameters. Which will provide significant time savings in obtaining approvals.
  2. Enhanced Sales Yields: The right site inherently holds the potential for significantly improved sales yields, maximising your return on investment. Plus, fast on sale results on completion.
  3. Increased Rental Income: A carefully chosen site can attract higher rental income, ensuring a steady and lucrative revenue stream for your project.
  4. Sustainable Capital Growth: By purchasing the right site, you set the stage for ongoing capital growth, which is vital for long-term financial success.
  5. Risk Mitigation: Acquiring the right site at the right price, aligned with your project’s purpose, effectively de-risks your venture, providing developers with peace of mind.

At Mollard Property Group, our core mission is to source and secure prime development sites. Our expertise lies in uncovering hidden gems in perfect locations, aligning with your financial objectives and ensuring your project’s success.

Our comprehensive approach to property acquisition involves meticulous site analysis, including evaluation against location, town planning, demographics, and financial criteria. Crucially, we expertly navigate negotiations with vendors to secure sites at favorable terms and prices.

Find out how our expertise can help you secure the perfect location or provide a comprehensive analysis of your property. Click the link to contact us for a free consultation. Enquire today.

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