Does Your Façade Stand Out From The Competition?

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Does Your Façade Stand Out From The Competition?

The façade of your early learning centre is an integral part of the overall experience you provide to parents and children.

It is often said, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That holds true in the business of early learning too. First impressions in a childcare business can significantly impact a parent’s decision-making process to enrol. Does your centre look and feel safe, well managed, nurturing and enriching? It’s never been more important to have a façade that not only impresses at first glance but also encapsulates the core values of your centre.

If your centre is showing signs of wear and tear, a façade makeover is a real opportunity for your centre to stand out from the competition.


7 benefits that a new façade can bring to your centre:

  1. Marketing – Show off your brand and use your biggest asset (your building) as an eye-catching piece of advertising with clever signage.
  2. Attractive Environment – Children and parents alike will want to walk through the doors of an aesthetically pleasing façade. This can contribute to a positive, playful drop off for your families.
  3. Centre Quality – First impressions count, and a well-designed entry can assure parents you operate a safe, clean and welcoming centre.
  4. Increased Occupancy – Your refurbed look will attract new families to your centre.
  5. Increase Revenue – A boost in revenue comes from more children enrolled or you can consider charging more.
  6. Quality of Staff – If you are the best-looking centre in your community, you will be the centre attracting quality staff that are proud to work for you.
  7. Community – A well designed façade can harmonise with the local community inviting business collaborations and positive relationships within your neighbourhood.


Mollard Property Group can provide an extensive review of your current façade and centre signage, ensuring a cost-effective, clever centre façade makeover that meets the planning and early learning centre regulations that will not require you to close your centre or affect the day-to-day operation.

If you don’t own the building – no problem. Our facade designs can be installed without changing the current building or we suggest a well-designed fence on the perimeter of the car park that can incorporate your brand signage.

If you’d like to discuss how you can be the centre of attention in your neighbourhood – let’s talk. Enquire today.

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