Is it time to reap the rewards from your early learning business?

Is it time to reap the rewards from your early learning business?
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Is it time to reap the rewards from your early learning business?

After years of dedicated work, it may be time to consider selling your business and transitioning to leasing your early learning centre. This shift could allow you to enjoy the rewards of your efforts and focus on what truly matters in your life. With this change, you can confidently secure your financial future and retirement, ensuring peace of mind as you embark on the next chapter of your journey.


Small Changes Now Can Reap Big Rewards

Proper preparation for the sale of your early learning business and enhancing its appeal to potential buyers are crucial steps for ensuring long-term financial success. If you’re considering selling within the next one or two years, there are often strategic investments that can be made now to substantially boost the value of your early learning centre.


Enhancing the Value of Your Centre

Before you consider if retirement is viable for you, we have a few solutions to enhance the value of your business that are worth exploring to increase your long-term rental income and capital assets. The first step is to consider the current value of your centre and business and determine if there is potential to improve the attractiveness, value and security to a buyer. Identify any opportunities to achieve more paying childcare places on site or could the property become more appealing to parents which may improve income yields. Taking time to plan ahead and consider your options could significantly improve your retirement income and assets value. But more importantly it may also mean you can retire a few years earlier.


How We Can Help

MPG can be of great value to you. Our team of experts can assess your early learning centre to identify areas that can be improved. Giving you the right advice on all the cost effective and efficient options available, tailored to your requirements. Guiding you every step of the way to streamline the entire process and improve the value of your business.


Facade Makeover

A clever centre facade makeover that meets the planning and early learning centre regulations that will not require you to close your centre or affect the day-to-day operation. A modern facade can improve your street appeal to families and buyers.


Reconfigure Floor Space

Review of existing floor plans to provide cost effective design solutions that can increase the size of your centre and licensed places – which can potentially increase the daily fee and maximise your annual profit per child and rental income.


Source and Secure a Tenant

We have an extensive database of high quality providers who are looking to grow their early learning business and secure a turnkey lease in right locations.


Re-Branding Your Centre

Our creative team can assist with re-branding your centre to give you a competitive edge. A strong brand will provide a distinctive advantage to attract buyers in a hyper-competitive early learning market.


Boost Your Early Learning Centre Business’s Appeal

Make your early learning business irresistible to buyers by streamlining operations, increasing enrollment, and upholding a stellar reputation. Diligence is key: delve into finances, legalities, property condition, and staff qualifications. If your business requires improvement in these areas, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.


Whether you are looking to retire or simply want a career change contact us for a free consultation and find out how you can plan ahead with simple solutions to secure your financial future today and reap the rewards.

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