Discover the path to childcare excellence

Discover the path to childcare excellence

Introducing Mollard Property Group’s new childcare operations consultancy service! Are you ready to improve your childcare business, boost your performance and financial security?

Mollard Property Group recognise the challenges in the sector and business in general and we understand the evolving childcare industry and high expectations for the care and education of children. We’re dedicated to pioneering excellence in childcare and early learning centre property development and now, operations.

In the realm of childcare services today, Approved Providers are grappling with an array of financial challenges that threaten the sustainability of their organisations. There’s a common struggle with labour costs, ineffective leadership, high staff turnover, and the need to increase revenue without compromising service quality.

We are here to help you thrive and discover the path to childcare excellence

Our team of experts are committed to transforming research into reality, guiding you through every phase to ensure exceptional service, and financial success. We want to assist you in increasing profits, improving ratings, boosting occupancy, and minimising staff turnover. We believe that the best early learning and childcare centres arise from collaboration with the best people, and we’re here to provide that unparalleled expertise every step of the way.

Our Operations Services encompasses a comprehensive operational analysis in the following key areas:

  • Regulation, Law, and Enforcement
  • Safety and Risk Mitigation
  • Playground Safety
  • Compliance
  • Staff Management
  • Parent Complaints and Concerns
  • CSS Software Set Up & Training
  • Key Demand Drivers for Childcare
  • Occupancy and Business Analysis
  • Assessment and Rating
  • Brand Strategy and Marketing
  • Government Policies
  • Financial Viability

We provide customised solutions to transform your operational performance

Our operational services provide a collaborative approach to review and analyse every aspect of the multifaceted operations of early learning centres, offering one-on-one support and effective solutions in the areas you need it most including:

  • Sale Readiness
  • Financial Assessment
  • Compliance and Quality Audit
  • Occupancy Maximisation
  • Roster Analysis
  • Leadership Development
  • Customer Journey
  • Staff Turnover Analysis
  • New Centre Establishment

Are you ready to take the path to Childcare Excellence?

Let’s work together, to grow and improve your early learning business, increase your operational performance and financial security. With cost-effective tailored solutions to achieve your goals and ensure you get results.

To find out more information or book a complementary 30-minute consult with our Director of Operations to discuss your areas of concern. Click here.

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