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Be the Centre of attention

Are you thinking of developing a new childcare centre?

Make sure you are the centre of attention in your area. With over 100 successful centre designs under our belt, you can be assured we understand how to create beautiful centres, cost efficiently. We have streamlined our centre design services and process, creating a highly competitive design service, which we are immensely proud of. Our service provides genuine peace of mind through every stage of the process from feasibility, design management, through to development completion. Our prime objective is to ensure our clients centres standout in today’s highly competitive market.

What we offer

Affordable A-Grade Centre Designs:

Many of our clients have been pleasantly surprised by the affordability of our high-quality centre designs. Not only are we highly competitive, but our designs are efficient to build, resulting in significant savings in both time and construction costs


We focus on creating safe, inviting, and compliant centres that maximise occupancy rates and rental income.

Specialised Services:

We offer specialised services including: façade makeovers, interior design, and specifications tailored to the unique needs of childcare centres.


Expertise in navigating complex regulations and obtaining development approvals.

Sustainable Design:

We place a strong emphasis on sustainable design and creating stimulating learning environments for children.

Site Suitability:

Comprehensive understanding of site suitability factors to avoid costly mistakes.


Commitment to meeting Department of Education standards while respecting environmental concerns.

Partner with Mollard Property Group to elevate your childcare centre’s success and create a nurturing environment that exceeds expectations. Be the Centre of attention today! Contact us.

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