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How to Start a Childcare Business

Why be the Tenant when you can own your own childcare centre?

Now is a great time to take advantage and develop your own childcare centre with the softening in property values and building costs. Create something super special for way less than you would pay in rent.

As an experienced Childcare Operator, you are privileged with banking arrangements available for you to develop and own your own childcare centre, requiring just 16% of the total project expenses either in cash or equity.

Our Team at Mollard Property Group has created a detailed, easy to follow Childcare Centre Development Case Study “Buy + Develop + Operate Model” that demonstrates the benefits of developing your own childcare centre, compared to leasing. The case study includes a financial analysis based on a Childcare Operator buying a site, developing and operating a typical standalone 100-place childcare centre.

Click here to learn more about current lending policies, case study project gearing, the significant benefits in cash flow and asset value over ten years.

Since 2014 Mollard Property Group have a strong proven track record in childcare centre development, completing more than 20 centres and creating more than 2,500 childcare places across Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania. We are committed to achieving successful childcare developments and childcare business outcomes for our Clients.

If you don’t have experience in the child care sector but want to open your own childcare centre, we are here to assist you to manage the entire process. We are a “One Stop Shop” – we walk alongside you through financial assistance, site selection, childcare centre design, council regulations, due diligence, town planning, all prior to buying a property for development.

To get a sense of how to start a childcare business and how Mollard Property Group can help you – refer to these 4 initial steps.

Step 1: Learn about licensing
Step 2: Create a business plan

  • Establish and register your unique childcare business name (Mollard Property Group can provide Childcare Logo Design service)
  • Establish your unique operational philosophy and points of difference
  • Create your Corporate Company Profile (Mollard Property Group can provide Childcare Company Profile Design service)

Step 3: Establish funding and budget
Step 4: Establish your unique Mandate (location, competition, demographic, operational, financial, design and fit-out)
(Mollard Property Group can provide Site Search & Identification, Childcare Market Analysis and Site Suitability Analysis  services)

With our expert guidance, this can be a lot easier to achieve than you may have imagined.

Talk to us about your next childcare business venture.
We look forward to working together!