Are you ready to meet your year-end challenges head on?

Are you ready to meet your year-end challenges head on?
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Are you ready to meet your year-end challenges head on?

Are you ready to navigate the year-end occupancy shift? As we approach the end of the year, we understand that early learning centres face unique challenges. With pre-schoolers transitioning to primary school and the re-enrolment in progress, occupancy rates can fluctuate. Additionally, staff taking annual leave during the festive season can affect your bottom line.

Our Childcare Consultancy offer a comprehensive approach to address these issues. We specialise in reviewing and optimising every aspect of early learning centre operations, providing personalised support and effective solutions where it matters most.

How we can help you prepare and boost your business

Financial Assessment:

We conduct a comprehensive financial analysis to ensure operational efficiency and enhanced profit while maintaining service excellence. This includes wage analysis, daily service costs, budgets and procurement procedures and any opportunities for government funding initiative.

Customer Journey:

We provide a thorough evaluation of each stage of your customer journey, from current advertising to the integration of settling children into your centre. This includes creating welcoming experiences for families to conducting informative tours and managing all your customer contact information. We optimise every step of your interaction with families.

Occupancy Maximisation:

Elevate your centre’s occupancy with our expertise. We offer growth strategies, space optimisation and tips to unlock your centre’s full revenue potential.

Roster Analysis:

Are you confident that your rooms and ratios are being used effectively? Let us conduct a comprehensive rostering and labour analysis and highlight the opportunities to improve cost efficiency in staffing and child support.

If you’re not preparing now, your competitors have already won! Contact us today to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation with our Director of Operations to discuss your concerns.

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