Is your site suitable for a childcare centre development?

childcare centre development
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Is your site suitable for a childcare centre development?

Find out with our free preliminary site assessment.

At Mollard Property Group, we understand the unique challenges that come with childcare centre development. We truly understand the business of childcare and how to identify if a property is viable for a successful childcare centre.

Click to enquire and enter your contact details with your site’s full address. The experts at Mollard Property Group will review your site and get in touch within 24 hours with a yes or no.

If your site is suitable for a childcare centre, we can provide our comprehensive Childcare Centre Modelling Service, with a full assessment and evaluation of the site as outlined below. If your site is not suitable for a childcare centre we will outline why and the potential risks. We can provide alternative development solutions for the best use of the site.

Mollard Property Group’s Childcare Centre Modelling Service:

Strategic Site Assessment: Our experienced team conducts a thorough evaluation of your site’s potential and suitability for a childcare centre. We review existing plans and development approvals, ensuring every aspect aligns with the needs of the location, the operator, and the early learning sector.

In-Depth Market Analysis: We go beyond the surface to provide you with a detailed market analysis, ensuring that your childcare centre development is not only suitable for the area but also financially sound. This includes determining the optimal number of childcare places, approximate rental returns, and tenant terms.

Project Parameter Establishment: Our team advises on development parameters appropriate for your site and uncovers potential issues with planning and licensing regulations. This proactive approach helps you avoid costly mistakes and delays, ensuring a smoother development process.

Financial Analysis: Benefit from a comprehensive financial analysis that covers all aspects of your childcare centre development. Our goal is to make sure your project is not only profitable but also sustainable in the long run.

Creative Concept and Façade Design: We understand the importance of a visually appealing childcare centre. Our service includes initial concept and façade design to create a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Exclusive Leasing Package: Mollard Property Group goes the extra mile by creating an attractive leasing package for potential operators. We leverage our extensive database with an exclusive marketing campaign to secure a quality childcare tenant early in the process, saving you time and money.

Don’t let uncertainties hinder your childcare centre development success. Partner with Mollard Property Group and embark on a journey towards a profitable, risk-free, and successful childcare project.

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