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Facilitating and managing the entire development process, assisting each party (Operator and Investor) to fulfill their respective roles at each key step.


Childcare is a highly regulated and specialist field, requiring experienced management across all facets of the project; from concept design, Town Planning, through to construction. Our team is highly experienced, having successfully achieved many Town Planning Permits and managing the construction process, whilst ensuring the project is delivered on time and on budget. While some areas in Victoria are experiencing an over-supply of childcare centres, there are areas throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria that need quality professional child care.

Securing a high-quality Childcare Tenant is key to the success of any commercial property investment. Mollard Property Group have exclusive mandates from high-quality national Childcare Tenants. Whilst the market appears to have a large number of Childcare Operators, high-quality passionate Operators are few and far between.

Our team completes extensive due diligence assessments and detailed financial feasibilities to present our Clients with opportunities.

  • We work closely with our Clients to understand their mandate; from financial, capital growth, risk profile etc.
  • We only present opportunities that cater to their mandate.
  • We negotiate the property acquisition price and terms on our Clients behalf.
  • We consider rental and lease terms that work for both Landlord and Childcare Tenant.

Since 2014, Mollard Property Group have been responsible for the creation of more than 2,400 childcare places within the child care industry. Furthermore, our Development Management Team has achieved a 100% success rate on all development approvals.

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Childcare centre development

Our Team and external consultants hold the critical knowledge required to identify and analyse child care development sites and opportunities; from location, competition analysis (existing and upcoming centres), traffic & pedestrian access and traffic flow, catchment area identification, daily fees, number of children to comply with NQF, demographic analysis, just to name a few.

For Developers and Investors
  • We enable a risk free and successful child care development, whereby the Childcare Tenant is secured prior to committing to a site acquisition
  • We source and secure sites for child care development
  • We partner Developers & Investors with quality and passionate Childcare Operators
  • Child care is an asset with high on-sale appeal to both local and international investors
  • Child care is one of the few government-sponsored sectors

By working with Mollard Property Group, specialist childcare development consultants, your childcare projects will have reduced risks and quicker time frames, resulting in successful outcomes.

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For Operators
  • We strive to work with passionate Childcare Operators who are eager to expand their quality business
  • We source and secure sites for child care, based on an extensive assessment of supply and demand
  • We facilitate the introduction of Developers & Investors, who are willing and able to build a childcare centre in accordance with the Operator’s design and specification.
  • Our Team understands that child care is a specialist field, and we hold the knowledge required to comply with complex planning and department regulations.

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