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Buyers Beware. The residential property market is heading into a perfect storm

Property investors beware

The residential property market is heading into a perfect storm.
Another 20% drop in price could be conservative.


Confidence and Credit are two critical building blocks to capital growth; both are under severe pressure.

Therefore, buying off-the-plan apartments in the current property market could be a financial disaster. There is a long way for this downward trend to go.

We Have a Sound and Practical Solution

Firstly, Investors need to acknowledge what has been is no longer, and it is time to rethink and move on. Australia is a very different place to what it was just ten years ago, and this trend will continue.

Investors need to recognise the only way to make money in the residential property market over the next property circle will be to create a different model; now is the time to prepare, not act, but prepare to become a contrarian Investor.

We Believe that Great Opportunities Come Out of Great Problems

We have been patiently waiting for such a time and are pleased to advise we are working toward completing a quality, thoughtful and strategic property investment solution to create secure, sustainable wealth in property. The problems that are creating the volatility, are in fact creating our opportunity. This powerful investment solution will generate significantly more security, profit and long-term income. Highly efficient design solutions correctly modelled in thoroughly researched locations will achieve reduced costs and maximise capital growth in a safe environment.

We Can Help You

Mollard Property Group have over 30 years’ experience in property development and property investment structuring for high-net worth Clients. Contact us to find out how you will no longer be paying GST, stamp duty and the developer’s profit margin. We will be delighted to share with genuine Investors who are interested in securing their future returns in property investment.


Watch This Space

Mollard Property Group are working on a solution.