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A one-stop property development solution.


Mollard Property Group offers a much-needed service for the social infrastructure industry – A Site Suitability Analysis Report. The analysis can be utilised for the following sectors: child care, student accommodation, build to rent, health and medical, specialist disability accommodation (SDA), retirement living & aged care.

What do we do?

Mollard Property Group provides a detailed assessment of planning requirements, sites metrics, industry competition (supply & demand), socio-economic studies, demographic future forecasting and includes concept design, full modelling including financial feasibility – all for social infrastructure uses on any site. This allows our Clients to make an informed decision about the highest and best development option quickly – perfect for the due diligence process. Each report is tailor made and can be completed within 7 days.

How do we do it?

We consider every facet of a proposed usage of the site, and the location that supports it. Unlike most reports, our supply and demand catchment area considerations are always site specific.

We provide detailed insight into chosen location, development appraisals by visiting sites and liaising with external consultants to seek preliminary advice.

Our demographic analysis is extensive, it includes forecast for business activity considered along with current and future trends.


With our Site Suitability Analysis Report we make sure our Clients make a confident decision prior to property commitment. Each report can include the following key information:

  • Detailed Qualitative Analysis of Industry Competition
  • Current population, demographic estimates forecasting
  • Suburb profile
  • Site access, traffic analysis
  • Developments occurring within the immediate surrounds
  • Proposed Architect preliminary concept design creative render/façade
  • Proposed development areas, including NFA and GFA
  • Development Financial Analysis
  • Income expenses schedules
  • Profit margin calculation

And Much More…