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Mollard Property Group are leaders in site suitability analysis. We undertake an in-depth analysis to determine if a site is suitable for childcare development.


Is your site suitable for childcare development?
Mollard Property Group are leaders in site suitability analysis. We undertake an in-depth analysis to determine if a site is suitable for childcare development. Your property could be more valuable than you think.

What do we do?

Mollard Property Group truly understands the business and development of childcare. We provide a detailed assessment of planning requirements, sites metrics, industry competition (supply & demand), socio-economic studies, demographic future forecasting and includes concept design, full modelling including financial feasibility – all for social infrastructure uses on any site. This allows our Clients to make an informed decision about the highest and best development option quickly – perfect for the due diligence process. Each report is tailor-made and can be completed within 10 business days. By working with Mollard Property Group, your childcare projects will have reduced risks and quicker time-frames, resulting in successful outcomes.

How do we do it?

We consider every facet of a proposed usage of the site, and the location that supports it. Unlike most reports, our supply and demand catchment area considerations are always site-specific.

We provide detailed insight into the chosen location, development appraisals by visiting sites and liaising with external consultants to seek preliminary advice.

Our demographic analysis is extensive, it includes a forecast for business activity considered along with current and future trends.


With our Site Suitability Analysis Report we make sure our Clients make a confident decision prior to a property commitment. Each report can include the following key information:

  • Detailed Qualitative Analysis of Industry Competition
  • The current population, demographic estimates forecasting
  • Suburb profile
  • Site access and traffic analysis
  • Developments occurring within the immediate surrounds
  • Conceptual massing plan, taking into account the Council’s requirements including setbacks, building height, car parking etc.
  • Proposed development areas, including NFA and GFA
  • Proposed architect preliminary concept design, creative render/façade
  • Development’s financial analysis
  • Profit margin calculation

And much more…

We can help answer these frequently asked questions:

  • Is a site good for a childcare centre?
  • Is there demand in this location?
  • What is the population forecast of children under 5yo?
  • What rental levels and lease terms are realistic?
  • How many children can a site accommodate?
  • Will this site be desirable to a quality Tenant?
  • What is the construction cost estimate?
  • What are the Town Planning risks?


Childcare Operator

My business partner and I were referred to Mollard Property Group by the Australian Childcare Alliance. We were offered two sites for our childcare centre, and were hoping to go with the one that offered more demand and opportunity for growth. I was impressed by their sound knowledge of the childcare industry, and my business partner and I found the reports done in a very efficient, detailed and well-presented manner. I would highly recommend Mollard Property Group.

Property Developer

The site suitability report was certainly commercially beneficial to identify the suitability of the site for a childcare prior to an acquisition of the property. The format was clear and concise, and was completed in the nominated time-frame.

Property Developer

The childcare site suitability analysis report Mollard Property Group provided, was well considered, thorough and provided a good understanding of the local market. The report enabled us to make well informed decisions for the overall benefit of the project. The information was well presented and easily understood that allowed us to extrapolate key information to input within our feasibilities.

Childcare Operator

I have now used Mollard’s on two separate and quite different occasions. In both instances Mollard’s were able to produce reports in a very efficient and professional manner. The quality and relevance of the information in the reports was essential to some long term decisions we had to make and in each case the analysis gave us new insights and greatly contributed to the final decisions. This added to our confidence about what our next steps had to be. The success of our strategies still rests with us but starting in the right way is always critical and Mollard’s were an important part of that.

Childcare Operator

The Mollard Property Group were appointed to provide our organisation with a Long Day Care market analysis report. We were very impressed with the resultant report which provided us with the right data to make informed decisions about the future of our service. The report was thorough and showed very good insight into future trends and demographics within our local marketplace.

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