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There are great opportunities for Quality Childcare Operators who stand out

This month The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority has revealed that 16% of Victorian childcare centres, including preschools, had not met national quality standards. 623 centres out of 3,987 failed to deliver either at education, health, safety or staffing categories. And in New South Wales the number of childcare facilities assessed with ‘Working towards the national standards’ is 1,304 out of 5,486 centres (23.7%).

These statistics clearly demonstrate that there are still real opportunities for committed and passionate childcare operators. In our experience, high-quality operators stand out, as they consistently strive to grow their brand and quality of education and care for the children.

Mollard Property Group are committed specialist development consultants, who provide high-quality childcare operators with a customised service to strategically grow their business.

  • We source and secure lease and/or acquisition opportunities for our clients.
  • We undertake an in-depth analysis to determine if a site is suitable for childcare.
  • We partner childcare operators with developers/landlords, who will complete the construction of a childcare centre to the operator’s unique requirements.
  • We present unrivalled opportunity reports (Discussion Papers) that include detailed financial feasibilities, allowing prompt & informed decisions to be made.
  • We complete the childcare centre design in accordance with the operator’s requirements. Our Building Designer always has a focus on satisfying the Department of Education, whilst also considering any building and landscape constraints.
  • We diligently manage childcare projects from concept stage through to obtaining development approvals. Through our project experience, we have developed strong relationships with many councils as well as quality expert consultants, dealing with different regulations.